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I have always been fascinated by rituals, particularly those practiced by creative people. Falling in the gray area somewhere between superstition and routine, those who have rituals they practice on a regular basis absolutely swear by them to increase their effectiveness, creativity, productivity, and mindfulness. There’s nothing like a good ritual to make your brain sit up and pay attention.

Rituals can help signal to your brain that you’re about to do something important; they can assist with the thorny processes of making peace with the past, and planning for the future; they can bring you back to your centre when you feel lost or frazzled; they even have the power to turn a dreaded task into something pleasant and enjoyable!

Rituals can be practiced at any time (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually) and for any purpose (to let go, to create space, to improve concentration, to make wishes, to create an environment where you can make your best work, to prepare for a performance etc etc).

So how exactly do you go about creating your own rituals? And why are they so powerful? In this community project I’m asking 21 luminous creative types to share one of their favourite rituals and how it has benefited their life and their creative practice.

How to join in

There are several ways you can join in with this discussion and see behind the scenes of real creatives as they share the rituals and practices that help them navigate their work and their lives.

  • The best thing for you to do is click the button below and pop your email address in the form - that way you'll get each participant's essay delivered to your inbox for 21 days in February, beginning Monday February 6th (You'll also get access to Eli's monthly Studio Notes). You can join in at any time and at the end of the month you'll receive a beautiful ebook containing all 21 essays.


This project has now ended, but you can still get your hands on the ebook containing all 21 contributions by clicking the button below.
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  • You can come and join us in our Facebook group, where we'll be discussing the ritual spoken about by that day's contributor, as well as sharing our own stories and meeting lots of awesome like-minded people.


  • If you feel like sharing pictures - paintings, drawings, photographs, collages, etc - related to your rituals and practices, you can come and join us on Instagram using the hashtag #powerofritual2017


  • You can also add your name and blog to the blogroll at the bottom of this post - a great way to connect with new friends and find awesome new blogs to follow.


Meet the peeps

Apart from me, obviously, you'll be hearing from some fantastic creative movers and shakers. They are: Claire Brewster | Caspar RiisMelissa WashburnLucy PearceLisa McLoughlin | Nicole Bridges | Cristina Colli | Sophy Dale | Zoe Hewett | Sam Maher | Ebonie Allard | Terri Belford | Jo Bradshaw | Effy Wild | Chris Enns | Denise Dare | Helen Rebello | Gwyneth Marshman | Rosie Slosek | Gabrielle Treanor

I can't wait to see what they share!

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