The Gratitude Project

Well, I guess I couldn't do a series of illustrated books without doing my own! This was so hard to draw - it actually took me three attempts to come up with something I'm halfway happy with.

The Gratitude Project is my personal story of overcoming depression by making art and saying thank you. It's a project I am so proud of and I hope it will inspire everyone to take a look at all the people in their lives who have made them who they are.

One of my favourite reviews of the book so far is this one:

“I couldn’t stop reading once I started. Thank you for introducing me to so many fabulous inspirational people – you’ve opened my eyes to what else is out there and expanding my own horizons. And your story is amazing and motivational; thank you for sharing.“

Lisa Barton

If you'd like your own copy (available in paperback and Kindle) you can grab it from Amazon here.


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