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A selection of workbooks & inspirational books to guide and inspire you on your artist journey. All files delivered in PDF format.

Fearless Creativity Workbook

A workbook to help you unlock your creative potential.

This workbook is gorgeous, and it's really got me thinking about how I can improve my creative practice - thank you, Eli! - Lucy Pickford

$7.00 USD

The Gratitude Project

A year of saying thank you to the people who changed my life.

I am so moved by this book. Brave, beautiful, unique and inspiring – JUST like Eli herself. I will treasure my copy. - Sonja Jefferson

$15.00 USD


Self-paced ecourses for you to dive into straight away. All the content is available immediately after purchase and is yours for the lifetime of the course.

Make Your Mark

Overcoming Your Fear of The Blank Page

A five-week transformation for the creatively blocked, frustrated or terrified.

Light as a feather, punchy as hell! – Jenny Kowalczuk

$199.00 USD

Inspiring Teachers

I am delighted to be a guest teacher on this wonderful course from Terri Belford of Inspired Livelihood. If you're an artist & you've ever wanted to add teaching to your business, then I highly recommend taking a look at this course.

$97.00 USD


You can purchase reproductions of my artwork, including prints, canvases, homeware, apparel, device covers and more, from my artist shop. Here's a selection of my latest works...

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