Demystifying The Artist Ebook

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Demystifying The Artist is a community project where I asked 31 working artists across a range of disciplines the question: 'What does being an Artist mean to you?'. This free ebook contains all 31 essays and is packed full of insight, resources, inspiration, encouragement and original artwork.

The contributors are: Claire Brewster | Caspar Riis | Court McCracken | Melissa Washburn | Clare Spencer | Del Hansen | Raine Boyd | Lisa Risbec | Lucy Pearce | Kel Simkins | Cat Athena Louise | Melissa Dinwiddie | August Wren | Lisa McLoughlin | Desiree East | Koosje Koene | Stephanie Serrano | Ursula Markgraf | Nicole Bridges | Galia Alena | Nikki Nienhuis | Melissa Partridge | Laurie Nelson | Sonya | Corinne Phillips | Petra Monaco | Tara Leaver | Cristina Colli