Studio Notes

"Thank you for all the beautiful material that you send us!!!" - Nancy Viviana Da Dalt

Once or twice a month I send out an email letter to my beloved subscribers. It’s intended to be a ‘newsletter’ of sorts (and I do include news of new books, ecourses and projects I’m working on) but mostly it’s an account of my life as an artist, learning to navigate a creative life whilst living in a foreign country.

I'd like you to know you remain one of the most inspiring people I've ever met, and your bravery in sharing your downs as well as your ups in your emails gives me renewed hope that it's possible to be free! - A reader

I share all my trials and tribulations, frustrations, triumphs, and everything I learn along the way, in the hope that it will give YOU the courage to keep going even when life gets tough. Choosing a creative path in life can be the most incredible, lifegasmic, wonderful experience, but along with the blissful highs come moments (sometimes days) of worry, doubt and fear. It happens to all of us, and my wish is that by following my journey you will be encouraged and comforted enough to keep making art, safe in the knowledge that you are not alone.

Your emails are great for people like me who lack confidence in picking up a paint brush. Thank you. - Christine
Thank you for all you do, Eli, you are a ray of very real sunshine! - Elizabeth Winters

I just signed up to receive your emails and I couldn't be more excited! Your story and inspiration struck me on such a deep level that I have tears as I write. - Andrea

Also, when you sign up to receive my Studio Notes you’ll get access to my secret stash of freebies and resources, including free mini-courses, samples of my books, community project ebooks like Demystifying The Artist and The Power of Ritual and lots more.

You are a beautiful soul doing wonderful work - Amanda Reid
I love your Studio Notes – they are completely inspirational - thank you. It brightens my day when I get them. - A reader