The Gratitude Project

Eli Trier's debut book is an immortalisation of her hugely successful blog You Changed My Life: A Year of Saying Thank You.

This gorgeous picture book makes the case that all it takes to radically transform your life is a change of mindset, and Eli herself is living proof of that premise.

Interwoven between all of the original artwork and blog posts from the project are snapshots of Eli's story. From the serious and debilitating depression which prompted her to begin the Gratitude Project, to the triumphant finale, this is a story which will inspire and uplift you.

Inspiration, encouragement, guidance, love and support. They are all around you, if you decide to look. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Eli's tale of the legends with whom she walked, shoulder-to-shoulder, out of depression and into a better life.

With a foreword by Barbara J. Winter, author of Making A Living Without A Joband founder of Joyfully Jobless.

  • Paperback: 164 pages
  • Dimensions: 6x9 in (15x23 cm)
  • Language: English
  • Printed in full colour.
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I ADORE your Gratitude Project, Eli. Wowza – you’re taking ‘public appreciation’ to new heights. - Alexandra Franzen
What a unique and wonderful book! I've been doing gratitude Journaling and affirmations for a while but this book really upped my game. It has given me a whole new way of being grateful and has significantly raised my vibration. I see people in a whole new light. Xoxoxo - Jen
If you are an Art Journaler it might take you a while to get through Eli's book. I was so inspired at every page I wanted to grab my journal, pens, paints and papers and go at it. We are all creative. Eli inspires us to work out our feelings on the page, creating beautiful works of art where we can gain a firm foundation on our feelings. As I turned each page I couldn't wait to see who or what inspired her next. - Kelly Merly
Eli's Gratitude story is truly inspiring. Her ability to actually call herself a working, living Artist now is her speaking her Truth. This is such a fun, easy read with some people I personally have learned from mentioned in her book. I have made a list of others I want to read more about & research. Eli's beautiful, colorful, whimsical artwork spoke to me. A fabulous read for anyone on the magical journey of life and finding their path. - Melissa Partridge
I adore this book. What a joy to see someone pull herself out of a deep dark place by acknowedging those who made a difference in her life with heartfelt words and delightful art. Several of the recipients of the Gratitudes I know personally, others were idols of my youth, songwriters, authors and bloggers I admire. Eli's project made me wish I'd taken the time to express gratitude to those life-changers. I hold deep gratitude for Eli because she made real what so many of us only dream of. She took a brilliant idea and made a beautiful book that has touched so many lives. I read the book in one sitting and then went through a second time to devour the art. - Terri Belford
I read this book cover-to-cover in a couple of hours and then went back to pick out my favourite illustrations and imagine exactly where I would like to hang them in my house! The Gratitude Project is a picture book full of messages of hope, joy and wisdom but without any of the sanctimonious holier-than-thou condescension that can be so off-putting in this genre. It is a book I want to keep by the sofa and pick up often to be reminded that we are surrounded by help and good influences if we only look for them; that it is possible to draw yourself out of the box you seem to have ended up in if you only have the gumption to pick up a pencil; and that we are all made up of a seemingly random and individually insignificant mass of song lyrics and parental influences and books and doodles and problems, but that these all converge to make us uniquely ourselves. And the brilliant thing is that something happens when we start to recognise our own influences and acknowledge their importance: we can begin to realise that the power to engage with and interpret these influences lies entirely with us. Why not do it positively? The Gratitude Project is an inspirational record of an experiment in self-curation with nice big pretty pictures and highly digestible and humorous prose. Yummy! - Ellie Williams
This is a rare book. Beautifully done, original drawings and an inspiration to all who read it. Makes you reflect on your own life and the people who have mattered to your development. Have you remembered to say thank you to the people who have inspired you. Thank you, Eli Trier. - Ole Riis
What a lovely book! I've not got a list of incredible books to read, beautiful poets to learn from and an inspiration to paint on a bigger scale. I was having a very low energy day the day I picked up this book and it completely lofted my spirits. Thanks Eli and well done! - Tana Cohen
I am in grips of a truly horrible episode of depression and as I suffer from Bipolar Disorder I am a frequent flyer on this trip. The question this mood monster throws at me constantly is ``What have I got?`` and the answer it gives me is `` Nothing, I am a failure, and there's no point going on anymore - I am unemployed, broke, without a beloved pet, without a man and without children with no future.`` And then I read this wonderful book and my life changed for the better, instead of worrying because it was my sisters' birthday and I couldn't afford to buy her a present, I sent her a Thank You card and wrote a letter to her expressing my gratitude to her for being my sister and the reasons why I am grateful for her and it cheered me up and she loved it! Being grateful has made me feel so much better and reminded me that kindness and a thankful attitude towards life is the medicine I can take for my illness. Thank you xx - C.J. Read
The Gratitude Project is a brilliant, inspiring and playful treat that reminds us that gratitude is a key ingredient to a fulfilled life. Eli Trier’s journey is our reward as we learn about the people that inspired her through a rough time.
I am familiar with many of the people featured in The Gratitude Project. As I turned each page I said “Yes! I love him too!” or “She’s terrific.” Eli also introduced to me to others I do not (yet) know. In particular I loved the passages and art dedicated to her family members. Eli has true heart and shows that we all have gifts to share with the world. I am glad she has chosen to share her gift of writing and art with us. - Linda Lepe
This is a lovely book and so well written. The people that have inspired Eli will inspire anyone who reads it. Not only is it Eli’s Gratitude Project, but it is also intertwined with the story of Eli’s life, from childhood to the present day. Through the bad times to the good times.
It is such a personal and enjoyable read with masses of positive ideas for living. And, when you think it’s all over, there’s the fantastic Appendix with a wealth of useful stuff for further reading, watching, listening and perusing. Her writing is hugely emotional and her artwork is beautiful. Everybody should read it.
The book made me feel inspired, positive, and happy. And a little tearful, but in a good way! - Lesley Loader
This book is TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I sat down to read a couple of pages and got so engrossed, I finished it in the same sitting. It’s really, truly awesome. The artwork is so beautiful and the writing is so heartfelt, it’s impossible not to feel happiness while reading it. The Gratitude Project isn’t just an insight into what Eli has to be thankful for – it cant help but make you feel waves of gratitude to those in your own life. I’m committing to myself to be more grateful from now on – what more could you possibly ask of a book! - Sinead Kanlioglu
I couldn’t stop reading once I started. Thank you for introducing me to so many fabulous inspirational people – you’ve opened my eyes to what else is out there and expanding my own horizons. And your story is amazing and motivational; thank you for sharing. - Lisa Barton
When you see such an outpouring of gratitude, you get a sense of the person behind it – warm, kind, loving and funky. And reading things like this also makes you come to think of all the things in your own life to be thankful for. It’s thankfully infectious. Literally. And it warms you up too. So, thank YOU Eli for your work. - Catherine Haymes
I just loved this book, read it in one sitting. I love the artwork. I love the way the words resonated with me, I totally agree with everything Ell writes. I know we would be great friends if we were ever to meet. I love her frankness and honesty. - Felicity Butler
Love, love, LOVE this book - not only does it feature some of the people who have also changed my life, it's a wonderful reminder that gratitude is a practice, but one that has hugely far reaching effects. I adore Eli's work, so having a bookful to dip in and out of at leisure is a huge treat. And the story behind the art is moving, powerful and an inspiration. Gorgeous! - Carla Watkins
I really loved this book. An antidote to the rash of happiness and mindfulness books flooding the market at the moment, which just give you advice, this is a beautiful memoir of a woman who pulled herself out of a debilitating depression by saying thank you to a number of people who have helped her: real and fictional, known to her or complete strangers - and as an extra bonus for those of us who strive to achieve something, she also teaches herself to draw as she goes along. From her first, hesitant beginnings, you can track her improvement and growing confidence through the pages of this delightful, colourful, honest and thought-provoking book. - Stella F
Saying 'thank you' to the people who have changed your life is such a simple concept, but it's easily forgotten in the hurly-burly of daily existence. Eli shows how powerful it can be to stop, reflect, and acknowledge the people who have made a difference to us. Her book is an incredibly open, moving account of her journey to reclaim her health and happiness, and it is presented in a format that lends itself to either reading through in one sitting (as I did!) or dipping in and out of at leisure. The fact that it is illustrated with Eli's gorgeous artwork is the icing on the cake: I can honestly say that she is one of my favourite illustrators working at the moment. Buy it, read it, change your life! - Gwyneth Marshman
I love this book. I first met Eli when she started networking in Bristol, and then later worked with me as a VA. I'm rubbish at delegating, and Eli was a an artist trying to force herself into a 'proper job'... and interesting relationship began! I knew she was ill, but I hadn't realised how bad things had become. I read this book in about two hours - straight through. I loved every page. I wanted to read every book Eli wrote about, and listen to every album she mentioned. The love and joy that pours from every page is infectious. To imagine that Eli found this inside herself at such a low period in her life is truly inspiring. It is a work of beauty, both in the gorgeous paintings, and the gorgeous person that emerges page by page. Read it. Relish it. And, then maybe take some time to think about the creative souls that enriched your life and made you who you are. Thank you Eli. - Bryony Thomas
I read this book because I was looking to up my game in the gratitude stakes and this book certainly blew me away. Not only did it help me map out and plan my own gratitude project, It also took me on a journey of self discovery and ownership! I laughed at some of the pages and others brought tears to my eyes as I found myself being described in ways I couldn't put in words on my own and as I remembered people I need to thank as well as those I would never think to but I actually do need to be grateful to. This book holds lots of insights but for this review I will mention just two I am grateful to Eli for: 1. The realisation that yes I do love people but I tire easily when I have to spend hours with them (who knew? - I am an introvert!) and this is ok and part of what makes me the phenomenal person I am. Thank you for introducing me to the work of Susan Cain. 2. I am a scanner! Thank you for reminding me Barbara Sher is an absolute genius! Read this book and take time out to do your own gratitude project. I guarantee your life will be richer for it! - Freda R.O.
The Gratitude Project book is a captivating, thought provoking and inspiring read. After reading, I couldn’t help but look at the people who have inspired me on my own journey through life so far, and want to share gratitude with them. This book is a great reminder to think about what makes us happy and to be appreciative for the joy in our lives. - Sarah Taylor
Eli Trier’s book is refreshing, honest, reassuring, and inspirational. I loved each of the gratitude stories about influential people in her life as well as getting to know Eli herself better. I found myself constantly opening new tabs and looking up the individuals whose stories resonated the most with me because I wanted to dive deeper into their stories. This book will remind you of the goodness and strength of the human spirit, even in the presence of struggles, and that each of us has a unique and beautiful story. Let Eli’s book inspire you to be grateful for everyday life and the people who lift you higher. - Katie Harp
This is a lovely warmhearted book that could change the way you live your life. Eli charts her ups and downs and ups again with raw honesty and in beautiful technicolour. Brave and inspiring, it makes you think big things and notice little things – and that’s the way that happiness lies. - Sharon Tanton
I am so moved by this book. Brave, beautiful, unique and inspiring – JUST like Eli herself. I will treasure my copy. - Sonja Jefferson
Eli’s journey will inspire you! If everyone demonstrated their gratitude using her shining example, the world would truly be a more loving place. The Gratitude Project is not only about the art and the inspirational guides and teachers, it’s about one woman’s commitment to healing herself and putting something positive out into the world despite her ailments and challenges. A heart-warming read. - Naomi Goodlet
Eli Trier’s new book, The Gratitude Project, A Year of Saying Thank You, written during her remarkable recovery from breakdown, is a series of 52 letters and pictures sent to people who have made a difference in her life. The book is shot through with creativity and each entry is an expresso of inspiration, reminding us of the wonderful people and things that are woven into the fabric of every life.
Riding her ‘trusty steed’ of gratitude, Eli visits artists, writers, poets, chefs, educators, musicians, visionaries, entrepreneurs, scientists, loved ones and friends who have offered her safe places to dream, to make connections and to be vulnerable. These are people who go their own way and who encourage others to do the same. There is something very personal about the juxtaposition of Eli’s paintings with her letters to her heroes and I was drawn into her world as well as thinking about the people who might make my own list.
Some of those featured are individuals whose work I already knew, and others I will now seek out (the book includes an appendix full of links to things we can read, watch and listen to). Eli says ‘the simple act of making art everyday made me an artist’, and the simple act of pausing each day to consider all we are thankful for would undoubtedly make most of us more content with our lives. This book is the perfect place to start and will be a constant source of reference for the future. Thank you Eli, for sharing your journey and your beautiful creative world. - Claire Maycock