I have always been obsessed with documenting my experience of life and I am a sponge for anything which increases my understanding of the world and, in particular, creativity. As a dedicated self-experimenter, I make these courses to give you everything I know about living a whole-hearted, lifegasmic, creativity-drenched existence and connect you to your tribe of fellow explorers and adventurers.

Make Your Mark

Overcoming Your Fear of The Blank Page

Make Your Mark is a five week ecourse to help artists, makers and creatives get over their fear of the blank page and escape from the clutches of perfectionism.

Everyone who has ever tried to make something has an albatross around their neck holding them back:

  • The perfect idea you can't tackle because you're scared you'll fuck it up.
  • The pristine canvas you can't paint on because you're scared you'll create something ugly, or worse, mediocre.
  • The really expensive tools you don't dare open because you don't think you're good enough yet.

This course will help you finally tackle whatever your albatross is and break the hold it has over you. In the first four weeks we'll be exploring fear, doing dance party painting, and getting messy with paint and paper and glue like toddlers on a sugar high. Then, in the final week we'll all tackle our albatrosses together in an epic live create-a-long!

Guest Teaching Spots

Every now and again I get asked to contribute to wonderful online courses that other people have made. Here's where you can find my teachings in collaboration with some of the grooviest people on the internet.

Inspiring Teachers

An online course by Terri Belford of Inspired Livelihood

Have you envied your artist friends who post photos of creative workshops they’re teaching in Santa Fe or Hawaii or Mexico and wondered how they got so lucky? Or envied those artists who are holding virtual classes from their own studios? If you’ve thought, “I’d love to do that but I wouldn’t know where to begin” or “I haven’t got the credentials to teach art,”

Well, it isn’t about luck OR credentials.

What if you could hear from the most sought after arts workshop teachers about how they get paid to travel the world or teach online from their home studios or create their own artist gatherings? Now you can with this new ecourse from Terri Belford.