A birthday extravaganza

Through an excellent bit of birthday marketing (if I do say so myself), I was blessed with a three-day long extravaganza of a celebration for my birthday this year. It was utterly glorious and I have never felt more celebrated. The weekend panned out like this...

Saturday (the day before my birthday)

We all went for the loveliest picnic in Frederiksberg Have, which is the loveliest park in the city. This is the gang - my Daddy, my bestie Nicole and her boyfriend Peter, and my lovely Lars. Dad's wife Merete is the one taking all the pictures so, unfortunately, you can't see her, but she made me the most amazing chocolate cake!

The weather was perfect, warm and sunny with a gentle cool breeze every now and again. And sitting under a shady tree by the river meant that we didn't get too hot. Nicole had gone all out with the picnic - gorgeous satay pork pies, delicious quiches, and a tomato salad. Plus lashes and lashes of beer and wine, of course!

Nicole's gift to me knocked my socks off as well, actually. It was a portrait of Lars and me, based on my favourite photo of us. It's just beautiful (I made have shed a tear or two) - see more of Nicole's work here.

Sunday (my actual birthday)

My actual birthday was wonderful - as in 'full of wonder'. Lars and I spent the day together, just the two of us, and whilst ostensibly we just went for brunch and had a nice walk, it was one of the most magical days I've ever had. Everywhere we turned there was something to marvel at. It was a perfect day...

The brunch to end all brunches

We stopped for a glass of rosé in a cafe on a boat - this was the toilet floor!!

All these pics were taken by the super talented (and super hot) Lars - see more of his pics here.

Monday (the day after my birthday)

My brother was working on the day of the picnic party, so we arranged our own private celebration on Monday, and decided to go exploring in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen. It's such a cool area, packed full of interesting shops and cafes and art galleries, graffiti, little parks and green spaces, and beautiful buildings.

It really was a spectacular few days - very quiet, very gentle, and full of all my favourite things, activities and people. It's set me up well for the year to come.

With love

Eli xxx

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